A Fresh School Year

A couple weeks ago, as Fall craziness set in, I took a Thursday morning walk around Reed’s Lake. I needed it. This is the first year where both my boys are in school full time (praise be!) and I got to thinking about that while on my walk.  Previous to having children, I was a middle school special education teacher. My oldest, Luke, was born nine years ago and I made the decision to become a stay at home mom (I actually couldn’t wait, to be quite frank with you).  Reality then quickly sunk in and I had a new appreciation for mothers AND a new appreciation for teachers. For those of us who send our child(ren) off to school every day, we have an unspoken expectation that our teachers will love, protect, and teach them in a way that we approve of. But do we pray for those teachers (who, to many of us, are still strangers) to have the energy and discernment to do that on a daily basis?  I remember some teaching days when prayer (and running out to Subway for lunch) was the only thing that got me through. We are our children’s first teacher and then we pass on the education baton.  But there is so much more going on in those classrooms than just “teaching.”  It is a demanding and exhausting job.  Might I encourage you to pray for your child(ren)’s teachers today?  And might I encourage you to pray for your children while at school?  That they would be kind to EVERYONE and learn the importance of working for that good grade!  On my walk, I had the opportunity to thank the Lord for my time alone with Him (I joke that school is a stay at home mother’s reward), for our ability to send our kids to a Christian school where they talk about and sing to (that is a beautiful thing to hear when walking into a school…) and learn about who God is and why it is important for them to be the best person He created them to be.  And I thanked Him for their teachers and begged Him to keep them safe…tomorrow I will pray for your kids and their teachers or daycare providers or babysitters or the moms who are home with babes.  The Lord anticipates and takes delight in our prayers and conversations with Him.  Please join me in as we continue to pray for yet another great school year for each others’ children. 



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