God Jumps the Fence

This week my grandmother went into a home where she could be better cared for. These kinds of things are never easy. They can be emotionally exhausting and even physically challenging.  This past weekend, I needed to empty her apartment. I didn’t know HOW I was going to do that. But family and friends continue to amaze me. The “workers” quickly jumped in to help. But I still had no idea what I was going to do with all the STUFF.

Mark VanDellen, our Eastside Campus Site Leader, reached out to the Keystone staff about a homeless man he had met.   It was a compelling story. The gentleman is in his 60’s and disabled.  Mark spent some time with him and heard his story. He really took some time to listen to him and encourage him. Mark’s a great encourager. Mark left the man with his phone number in case he might ever be of service.


This week, of all weeks, that man called Mark to tell him he had finally gotten his own apartment!  Mark spent more time chatting with him, listening to his excitement and congratulating him on such an epic new chapter in his story. In that conversation, Mark learned that all this man had in his new place was a blow up mattress. While thrilled to be there, he had no other belongings to start his new life.

Some people would say this man is lucky, given my need to unload some things and his need to acquire. But I see God’s hand in all of it.

If we listen, it seems God speaks louder in tough times. I see him using Mark to serve and lead. I see him helping us make hard decisions to best care for his children, young and old. I see God  changing lives by using each of us to help another along on the journey.

That man now has a kitchen that is fully stocked with everything you would need, a couch, chair. His apartment looks like he’s been there forever.

We put up fences. But God continues to jump them.

I’m humbled.


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1 Response to God Jumps the Fence

  1. Kay Whitaker says:

    What a wonderful story 🙂

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