Give Local: Two Wonderful Ways to Bless Others This Holiday Season

For the past several years, Keystone friends have endeavored to make the holidays a bit brighter for those in the Sibley Community. For many, the holidays are a financially stressful time. Over 90% of the families at Sibley School live below the poverty line. There is still time to give!  Here are two wonderful ways you can get involved with the Sibley community this Christmas season:


You can select a specific family to “adopt” for Christmas. Sibley has provided us a number of family profiles which provide a great deal of useful information on each family member, including sizes, as well as basic needs, such as warm clothing.  The Local Extend Team will have a table set up during both services on Sunday, December 8. You can look through family profiles and select a family at that time. Delivery arrangements should be made with the families no later than December 12, with delivery occurring by December 18.


Sometimes two or three Keystone families join together to adopt a larger Sibley family. “Big Idea Groups” have even gotten on board and adopted a family together. All arrangements are welcome and encouraged!  This is a wonderful way to connect with the Grand Rapids community and make a real difference in someone’s life. Many Keystone families look forward to this tradition each year. 

If adopting an entire family does not meet with your giving plan this season, consider donating individual toys to The Other Way Ministries Christmas Store. Our participation in the Christmas Store is sponsored by The Keystone Students.


From The Other Way’s website:
Each December, The Other Way hosts the Christmas Store, an opportunity for neighborhood parents to earn and spend credit to purchase gifts for their children. By allowing parents to work in the community and in the store to earn credit, dignity is maintained.

We begin planning for our annual Christmas Store in September and we are now at the point where we need your help!  Parents have already begun to earn credits for the store working in the school and community so we need to collect enough gifts to honor their hard work.

To stock the store, we depend on churches, families, businesses and other organizations to provide new, unopened presents.

New toys can be brought to Keystone and placed under the Christmas tree by the main entrance. Please leave the price tags ON. Keystone will coordinate delivery to The Other Way. As the gifts must be delivered by Monday, December 9, December 8 will be the last day donations can be accepted.  Gift suggestions and guidelines can be found on the Other Way’s website here.


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